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What is

Having an online business is great, but is your business generating enough leads and making enough sales to give you the life of your dreams? You see, the only way to have a profitable online business is to have new leads coming in every day, and in order to do that you need to generate a good amount of traffic on a daily basis. But how do you know if that traffic has good quality, and how do you know if it is converting the way it should be?

If you are driving traffic to your website, blog or funnel, you must know exactly how your traffic is behaving and which traffic sources are bringing you the best results, and you can know that by using a click tracking software like This tool will give you detailed statistics about the traffic you are using and show you how that traffic is converting, and this information is essential to get the most out of your advertising.

This kind of information is even more important if you are getting paid traffic, because you will see what is working for you and what is not, meaning that you can optimize your campaigns according to the results you are getting in order to improve your conversions and maximize your advertising budget.

With a click tracking software you will know which traffic sources are performing the best and based on that information you can decide where to buy more traffic and where to stop buying it. When you have campaigns that are converting well and bringing you leads, you can scale up your traffic by increasing your investment on the traffic sources that are delivering the best results in order to improve your overall results even more.

Getting quality traffic will make you generate more quality leads, and these leads will convert into customers more often, meaning you will make more sales to these leads. With a click tracking software you will know exactly where to invest more money in order to get more leads, so you should definitely use this tool, especially if you are getting paid traffic. is a click tracking software that allows you to target your traffic and track your clicks. This tool has different features that will help you get better traffic and more targeted leads. With you can easily track your clicks and conversions in real time, split test landing pages and track conversions of those pages, track your email opens and clicks, see detailed statistics about your traffic and more.

These features will help you increase your leads, build a better list and get more customers and sales. In other words, will make your business grow, by allowing you to generate more quality traffic without spending more money on advertising. If you want to track, target and optimize all your online marketing campaigns in one place, then you should definitely use this tool.

The Quality of Your Traffic Matters

You should always test your traffic first, meaning you should buy a small amount of traffic to see how it performs, before you start buying bigger amounts of traffic from that source. When you find a good traffic source that is delivering quality traffic, you can start buying more traffic from that source until you reach the amount of traffic you desire.

This will allow you to get more clicks, which will bring you more leads and customers in the future. will give you detailed information about the quality of your traffic, allowing you to make better decisions about the way you manage your advertising budget.

As you probably know, one of the best ways to succeed online is to build a mailing list, send emails with more information about your online business to the people on that list, and if you give them enough value and they like what you are sharing, they will start buying the products you are promoting.

To build a mailing list it’s always a good idea to have a constant flow of targeted traffic going to your lead capture page. Having an advertising budget will allow you to buy traffic every month, so even if you are already generating free traffic on a regular basis, you should definitely start using some paid traffic sources as well in order to boost the amount of traffic you are driving to your online business. Visit the traffic sources page to see what traffic sources I am using to generate traffic on a daily basis.

The better your mailing list is, the more sales you are going to make when you send emails to the people on that list with the products you are promoting. But it all starts with the quality of your traffic, and the best way to measure that quality is to use a click tracking software.

Always remember to test the quality of your traffic when you start using a new traffic source to see if it’s worth buying more traffic from that source. You should also test different traffic sources that you come across to see if they deliver some quality traffic. You can only tell if a traffic source is good for your business after trying it, so don’t be afraid to test new traffic sources to see if they work for you.

Now that you already know how important a click tracking software is for your online business, go to and start using this marketing tool to get more quality traffic, build a better mailing list, and make more sales.

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