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What is GetResponse?

As you probably know, if you want people (leads) to join your mailing list, you need to use a lead capture page (landing page) in order to get their email addresses, and you also need a place to collect those leads after they subscribe to your list. On top of that, you need to send emails to your contacts with more information about your online business, in order to connect with those who are actually interested in what you have to say.

GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform with many features, but its main purpose is to send emails to the people on your list in order to share with them the products and services you are promoting (your offers). This platform is also where your leads are going to be stored, along with their email addresses. This is called a mailing list or email list, and it’s something you should never stop building.

Believe it or not, email marketing is still the best way to communicate with your subscribers and show them what you want. Sending emails with some valuable information is a great way to build a relationship with the people on your list, get more followers and convert your leads into customers. But to have a list of engaged subscribers who follow your lead, you should send them emails on a regular basis, and that is certainly time consuming. This is where the autoresponder come into play.


An autoresponder is a marketing tool that allows you to automate your email sending, making this process a lot easier. This tool will do most of the email marketing for you on autopilot, giving you the possibility to send pre-written emails to your subscribers whenever you want. An autoresponder is a very useful tool that you can use to easily send emails to your contacts, and this is something you should definitely be doing in order to succeed.

With an autoresponder you can write a follow-up sequence of emails that you would like to send to your subscribers, and select the days you want your emails to be sent. From that point on your autoresponder will do the rest, by sending your emails on autopilot to everyone who joins your list.

Your first email (welcome message) is usually sent right after a new lead signs up for your list, and the remaining emails will continue to be sent by your autoresponder after the number of days you have determined. But how frequently should you send emails to your subscribers?

How often you send emails to the people on your list will determine how they respond to your interactions. If you send too many emails, they can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you are sharing. On the other hand, if you don’t send enough emails they might lose interest in your content or even forget who you are. What should you do then?

When you start connecting with your new subscribers for the first time, you should send them emails on a daily basis, so they can get to know you and see that you want to help them succeed. Always provide valuable information and don’t try to sell them your products or services right from the beginning. Build a relationship with your leads before you try to sell them something, and your results will be much better in the long run.

After a week or two, you can start sending four or five emails per week, always giving useful information and providing value. You can also include some additional resources for free, like an ebook, report, guide, video or infographic for example, adding more value and making your subscribers like you even more.

When you believe that you already have a strong connection with your leads, it’s time to start promoting your products and services in order to convert them into customers. If you do this too soon, chances are your results will not be as good as you were expecting, so build a relationship with your subscribers before you try to sell them something.

After two or three more weeks, you can start sending even fewer emails to your subscribers. Two or three emails per week should be enough to keep them engaged, because now they already know you and they will open your emails, if they like your content. Building trust should be your main goal every time you send an email, and it’s the best way to get loyal subscribers that will purchase your products and services for years to come.

Of course it’s also a good idea to not use exclusively your autoresponder to communicate with your subscribers. After some time, you should definitely start sending them other emails with specific information that you want to share with your contacts at that point, even if your autoresponder is still sending them emails.

Another feature you are going to find inside GetResponse is a list builder. This feature allows you to store the email addresses captured by your landing page and build a mailing list, which is one of the most important assets any marketer should have. Without a list you don’t have anyone to send your emails to in the first place. Building a mailing list should be your top priority if you really want to have a group of loyal followers and create a successful online business.

This platform combines list building and email marketing features, allowing you to store your contacts and send emails to your mailing list on autopilot. Staying connected with your subscribers and being able to send them emails on a regular basis will allow you to promote your business in a very effective way, especially if you share some valuable information with them at the same time, so this is exactly what you should do to have the best possible results with your email marketing strategy.

GetResponse is one of the best autoresponders available today and one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there. If you also want to build a mailing list and send emails on autopilot, you can start using this platform today. To try GetResponse for 30 days without any cost, click here to register. Now let’s take a look at another feature included on this platform.

Landing Pages

One of the best ways to make your business grow is to build a mailing list and the easiest way to do this is to use a landing page with an opt-in form, which is also known as a lead capture page. This page allows you to capture the email addresses from those who want to know more about your online business. The people who join your list are usually called subscribers or leads.

A landing page allows you to build a list of people who are already interested in what you do, making it easier for you to reach out to them. When you have people on your list, you can use email marketing to connect with them and share some useful information about your online business with your leads in order to convert them into customers.

GetResponse gives you full control over your content, allowing you to create personalized landing pages with a very professional look. This will allow you to better promote your online business and have more people leaving their email addresses on your lead capture page, which will increase your chances to succeed. Here is an example of a landing page that I have created to promote my online business. []

To increase conversions even more, you can also include an offer (lead magnet) on your landing page, like a free report for example, that you can send on your welcome message to those who subscribe to your list. This will make more people give you their email addresses, because they are going to be interested on your lead magnet. Remember, the more value you give right from the start, the more your leads are going to like you.

If you don’t have a lead magnet yet, register on LeadsLeap to get a free report about traffic generation that you can use on your landing page and send to your subscribers. Visit the LeadsLeap page to learn more about this traffic source. [][]

Building a mailing list and sending emails to the people on that list is essential to succeed on your online business. GetResponse will automatically store the email addresses from your leads when they subscribe to your list using your lead capture page.

Staying in contact with your subscribers will allow you to build a relationship with them and promote your online business at the same time. As I already said, in order to send emails to your mailing list on autopilot you need to use an autoresponder, which is also available on GetResponse.

To help you manage the information you will receive about the performance of your marketing tools, you will also have access to some reports inside your back office, where you can see detailed statistics about your landing pages and the emails you send, showing you which ones are performing the best. Having access to this kind of information will allow you to track your results and make better decisions.

After having your landing page in place to capture the email addresses from the people who want to know more about your online business, and your autoresponder ready to send them emails on autopilot, you should focus on driving traffic to your landing page in order to build your mailing list and make your business grow, so click here to see some traffic sources you can use to do just that.

More Features

GetResponse is much more than just a landing page creator or an autoresponder. Besides all the other great features like marketing automation, lead funnels and sales funnels, there are some marketing tools that you can also use on your online business to make it grow even faster. For example, you can create pop-ups and signup forms to attract more people to your business and generate more leads, just by putting them on your website or Facebook page.

Having a mailing list that you can use for free to send emails about your online business anytime you want is something priceless when it comes to traffic generation. Having a landing page with an opt-in form will allow you to capture the email addresses from your leads, which is how you build your list.

Having an autoresponder sending emails to the people on your list on autopilot is the easiest way to communicate with them. GetResponse offers all these solutions, and this is something every marketer needs in order to succeed, so register now and start using this platform today.