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What is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is a traffic source that will allow you to generate traffic and leads using different methods like advertising, search engine traffic and viral leads building. This advertising platform allows you to get free leads in 7 different ways.

LeadsLeap also gives you some free tools to help you convert your traffic into leads. To succeed on your online business you need traffic and leads. LeadsLeap can bring you both. Here are the 4 methods you can use to generate more traffic and leads with this platform.

  1. Advertise Inside LeadsLeap

You can post a text ad with an image that will be shown at the member’s area and also in the LeadsLeap blog. This platform has a lot of members, who became members for various reasons. Some members want to get paid to view ads. LeadsLeap pays these members by how long they surf an ad. The longer they surf, the more they are paid.

While many other platforms pay their members per ad, LeadsLeap pays its members continuously. If an ad is interesting, they will stay longer and continue to get paid. Other members are looking for traffic and leads for their online businesses, so they advertise on this platform because of the traffic they are going to get.

  1. Advertise on Thousands of Websites

The same ads that you advertise on LeadsLeap can also be shown on thousands of other websites. You ads can be shown in more than 4000 websites and blogs owned by members of LeadsLeap, who show your ads because this platform pays them when their visitors click the ads.

Your ads can also be shown in more than 30000 trackers, including traffic exchanges, PTC programs and forums. People use trackers to monitor the quality of the traffic they are receiving and LeadsLeap has a free tracker that can detect the difference between real visitors and fake ones.

  1. Get Search Engine Traffic

One of the best ways to generate quality traffic to your online business is by writing reviews about online platforms or digital products, that are optimized for search engines and getting traffic from places like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

LeadsLeap has a social review directory, which is already ranking well in the search engines. You can write reviews and submit them to the directory for free, in order to drive targeted traffic to the platforms you are promoting.

  1. Multiply the Number of Your Leads

LeadsLeap comes with a 10-level network builder. This 10-level network is only for leads building purpose. As you bring more people to this platform, they are also going to bring other people, helping you to build a network. You can use a unique, effective and sustainable communication system that allows you to reach out to 10 levels of your followers without annoying them.

As you can see, there are many ways of getting traffic and leads to your online business using LeadsLeap, so visit this platform to find out more.