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If you want to succeed online, you should know how to combine these 3 key elements and make them work together the best way you can: landing page, autoresponder and traffic. I already talked about the marketing tools, so now let me show you how to generate traffic to your website or landing page, so you can attract more people to your online business. If you want people to join the online platforms you are promoting, you should drive huge amounts of traffic to your landing page and try to convert as much traffic as you possibly can in order to generate leads on your online business.

To generate traffic to your landing page, you can use free traffic sources, paid traffic sources or both, but in my opinion paid traffic works a lot better than free traffic. As you probably know, the best way to convert your traffic into leads and customers is to drive it directly to a landing page with an opt-in form in order to build a mailing list and use an autoresponder to send follow-up emails to your contacts with more information about your online business. This will allow you to build a relationship with the people who are interested in your business and get them to join the online platforms you are promoting.